Daughter is a short film written and directed by Baylee Brown.

Principal photography will take place in Crossville, TN in mid-June of 2019. The team is proud to bring filmmaking to the Volunteer State, and so excited to see its beauty and character onscreen. The essence of this film lies in its location. From the 1-story house with time-stamped memorabilia and a wide front porch, to the way the sun streams through the oak leaves, it would be a disservice to the story to try and recreate its language in a different part of the U.S.


The visual style of this film will indicate to the audience Dottie’s innocence. She is a child, and she sees the world like one. Natural camera movements and long takes will complement this, as we get situated to her world alongside her.

Despite her tough circumstances, she still sees beauty in her surroundings. Sunlight glistens on the water. Details are captivating. Her home, while the audience recognizes it as stifling and dangerous, is still wondrous to her.

Production Design

We all inherit things from our ancestors.

For the wealthy, it’s money. I’ve found that for the poor, it is often things. Blankets, furniture, trinkets. We hand them down to our children because all we have to give is what we already have. These items are passed on generationally as our way of providing.  

Not only do we inherit things, but we often end up in the same cycles as our family - whether it be a cycle of poverty, abuse, or mental illness. There are some things given to us that we just can’t get rid of.

The production design of Daughter will externalize these ideals. A cluttered home, filled with aged items that each have their own history, will show not only the socioeconomic status of Dottie and her family, but represent what has been passed down to her.


We strive for authenticity above all else. Casting local actors and non-actors allows us to breathe life and honesty into the script. Traditional routes of finding actors are combined with boots-on-the-ground work to ensure that we find the perfect people to tell our story through.


Sound is a critical component of world-building, and a powerful tool for evoking emotion. Taking advantage of local talent and musical heritage is a key element of our production. Daughter is a story about the South as much as it is a story about Dottie, so the film will be infused with the melodies of traditional mountain music passed down from the generations before us.

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