Our IndieGogo campaign ended and we are so grateful to be 51% funded! Because of the need to travel to our Tennessee location, equipment and transportation must be rented for longer - raising the costs for us. We strongly believe that this story could not be authentically filmed anywhere else and that the value of the location greatly outweighs the costs. If you would still like to contribute to our film, we have set up a Fractured Atlas fundraiser. All donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated!

In-kind donations are also welcome. Anything from cast & crew meals from restaurants to donation of props from stores would be greatly appreciated. With the help of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit technology company working to provide business tools to artists,  we can additionally offer tax deductions for the value of select in-kind donations! If you would like to learn more about making your donation tax-deductible, please contact us.

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