The Daughter team is looking forward to shooting this film on location. Nonetheless, it is a costly task to transport crew and equipment between New York City - the home of all key crew members - and Tennessee. With casting begun, as well as the crew and main location secured, we are inviting you to be a part of our team as we move forward in the production journey. 


Here is a breakdown of how your help will be allocated: 


Total budget: $23,600


$12,100 - Locations and Travel.

This is the largest cost of the production, but we believe it is absolutely necessary to do the story justice. The location and its community is a fundamental aspect of this film - texturally and tonally, its presence is woven into the script itself. Not only do we want to make a film about this community, we want to involve it. Casting local actors, hiring local musicians to provide music, sourcing production design elements from local stores... Daughter is a film both in and of this place.

This cost includes van rentals, gas, and most importantly, feeding the cast & crew. 


$9,700 - Equipment Costs & Labor.

Equipment is no place to skimp - it translates directly to the quality you see onscreen. We will be sourcing as much as we can through connections to Southern rental houses to get the most bang for our buck. 


$500 - Production Design.

Production Design is a critical tool for visual storytelling. It creates and curates the world of the characters that you see onscreen: what their setting looks like, how they dress, the props they use. Luckily, because Baylee is shooting in her hometown, the team has access to her own family belongings, as well as incredible local thrift stores. Since the story focuses on a naturalistic environment, the Production Design team will be able to keep costs low while still creating a visually rich world.


$1,300 - Post Production.

Shooting the film is only the beginning of the journey. Daughter needs to be seen, and the best chance for that is at film festivals. This cost includes submission fees to festivals and travel for the core team.

You may have noticed that the crowdfunding goal is only about half of the total budget. The team will be supplementing the funds raised with grants and the NYU allotment.


Support the next wave of women filmmakers. Daughter is a production headed by women in all of the top creative roles: Writer, Director, Producer, Director of Photography, and Production Designer. Why is this important? Since the Academy Awards began in 1928, only five women have been nominated for a directing award, and only one woman has won - Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker in 2010. Just last year, the first woman was nominated for Best Cinematography - Rachel Morrison for Mudbound. You may think that there’s not much you can do to change this, but by supporting the women filmmakers on this project, you’re directly contributing to not only the next step in their careers, but the next step towards a more inclusive film industry.


Support the portrayal of Southern Realism onscreen. Dottie's story is one of struggle, survival, and, eventually, strength. But Daughter isn't just about telling Dottie's story. It's an honest portrayal of the South, told in every way possible through the visual medium of film: cinematography that captures the beautiful yet overwhelming suffocation of an almost unbearably hot Southern summer, music that harkens back to classical bluegrass & country sounds with contrasting themes of hope and toil, production design that builds the world of a family history whose roots run deep in Southern soil. The complexity of life in the South is underexplored in film, and the filmmaking team behind Daughter hopes to change that.


Join the conversation. Daughter is a film that tackles complicated subject matter such as abuse, generational trauma, poverty, and teen-pregnancy. The team hopes to do this in a socially conscious, truthful, and respectful way. We don't have the answers to solve these sweeping societal issues, and the film doesn't pretend to, but we hope to open a channel for communication and empathy. 

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