We'll have a full crew of about 20 people made up of both New Yorkers and locals. Here are the main people whose visions and collaboration are bringing Daughter to life. 

Baylee Brown - Writer / Director


Baylee is a writer and director with experience in acting, casting, assistant directing, and producing. In 2017, her short film The Artist’s Struggle won Best Sight & Sound Film at NYU’s Fusion Film Festival, screened at Tribeca Film Festival’s “Our City, My Story” program, and was a finalist in the Glamour #NewView Film Competition. She has interned at New York Office, Avy Kaufman Casting, and Big Beach Films.



April Chang - Co-Producer


Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, April is a recent Tisch Film and Television graduate. She has produced over 50 projects -- most recently Jackson Tisi’s Hummingbirds in the Trenches (featured in The Atlantic) as well as a music video for Raveena’s Temptation. She interned at the Producers Guild of America during her time at NYU and most recently worked as an assistant at Scott Rudin Productions. April looks forward to telling a story about the South, and sees big things on the horizon for Daughter.


Natalie Harris - Co-Producer

Natalie Jasmine Harris is a 20-year-old filmmaker from Silver Spring, Maryland. Her film work often focuses on coming of age through representations of various identities such as Blackness, queerness, and womanhood. Natalie views filmmaking as a way to provide representation for some of the difficult realities that people belonging to marginalized groups often face. She produced 2019 Sundance Ignite Winner a dios, directed by Daniel Antebi, and her own film Metamorphosis recently screened at BFI Future Film Festival in London.


Demetrius Beckham - Co-Producer

Demetrius is a storyteller with active interest in producing content (Film, TV, Doc), designing (graphic, fashion), writing, directing, DJing & cooking. As a recent graduate of NYU’s Stern/Tisch Dual-Degree program for Film & TV and Economics, he is currently contributing to projects pertaining to education, mental health & awareness, fashion and music marketing.



Nina Gofur - Director of Photography

Growing up in Central America, Africa, Russia, and the United States, Nina has always searched for a home. She found beauty in the new places she travelled to and has learned to find little pieces of refuge through her art. She started out as a writer and photographer and soon learned to fuse the two through cinematography. Nina's mission is to tell truthful stories that give narrative to women. She strives for equal representation in film and strongly believes in equality and inclusiveness within the artistic community. 


Kayley Saade - Production Designer

Kayley is a senior in NYU’s Steinhardt Studio Art program with a focus on sculpture. She uses found objects or fabricates her own in order to comment on her own family history and continue to extend it. She has a passion for interior & production design and has worked for visual artists in New York City and Berlin.


Maddy Oliver - Assistant Director

Maddy Oliver is a senior at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts studying Film and Television, concentrating in writing, directing, and TV, with a minor in Political Science. She has worked in the production office for a new TV comedy First Wives Club, as the Head of Marketing for NYU's Fusion Film Festival, and as an intern at Greenpoint Pictures and Screen Media Films. She directed two episodes of the award-winning web series “Michael and Anwar” and her own fifteen-minute narrative short titled “The Idiots”, coming spring 2019. 


Ryan Harrison - Casting Director

Ryan Harrison is a New York based filmmaker raised in-between Phoenix, Arizona and McCall, Idaho.

Ryan interned for casting director Jennifer Venditti and has worked on feature films (Shia LaBeouf’s upcoming biopic Honey Boy), television (the upcoming HBO series Euphoria), and commercial projects (Dior and Gap).  Working for Venditti, he gained a passion for telling stories using different approaches to casting and performance; using both non-actors and actors to transcend traditional dichotomies in film and television.

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